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What information do we collect from our users & how do we collect it? only collects information from individuals that sign up to obtain information from us. This usually comes in the form of creating a username and password on an opt-in page on our website. The user is free to opt out at any time.

How do we use & this information?

This information is only used by internally to send educational information and product information to users that sign up voluntarily through our website. This information is never shared with a third party except to process billing and payments for products purchased.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are used by all websites. We use them just like most websties do to track a clients time on site, allow access to membership area, and help us improve the quality of our site so it serves our clients even better. Most internet browsers allow cookies to be limited and deleted at users request. Check your browser help menu for options on your particular browser.

How do we store your information?

Your information is stored on our external newsletter server hosted at that delivers our newsletter to you and other subscription members. The information is only accessed by those administering our newsletter and no one else. If you have any questions or wish to change any of your information you can contact us at


This privacy policy may be changed any time at our discretion. Our privacy policy was last updated 20 Jan, 2017. To contact us you can email us at: